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Superior-Quality DynaTorque Products

Enhance the performance of the automated valves in your oil industry by buying quality DynaTorque products from us. Speak to Hi-Teck Valve about this today!

DynaTorque has been manufacturing manual gear operators and specialty products since 1974. Starting off as the Westran Company, DynaTorque is known for producing products that exemplify workmanship and attention to detail.


Their valve actuators and hand-wheels are known to be durable and outperform competition. Purchase these specialty products from us today!

  • Worm Gears

  • Bevel Gears

  • Declutchable Override

  • Manual Override

  • Locking Devices

  • Handwheels

  • Chainwheels

Durable DynaTorque Products

We have a wide variety of gears from DynaTorque to DTE. We stock all sizes of worm gears, bevel gears, and overrides. Find an improvement in the way your business functions when you install DynaTorque gear operators in your equipment. We're exclusive distributors for  Economy.

Gear operators designed for you

Call to learn more about our products.


Our gear line is among the top in the area, and we're representatives for Cameron Gears, Texas,

and Louisiana.

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