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Customized Titan Fabricated Strainers for You

Let Hi-Teck Valve give you a customized strainer that meets your needs. Titan FCI designs and fabricates a variety of strainers according to your specifications.

  • "Y" Strainers

  • Basket Strainers

  • Duplex Strainers

  • Orifice Plates

  • Spectacle Flanges

  • Single Blinds

  • Ring Spacers

  • Steam Jacketed Strainers

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Strainers

Complete line of fabricated strainers

  • Pilgrims Hat

  • Temporary Strainers

  • Temporary Cone Strainers

  • Witch's Hat Strainers

  • Plate Strainers


Titan FCI is also into the production of screens and baskets and valves. Look through our stock when you visit 13211 G Windfern Road in Houston.

Temporary strainers made as per your choice

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Find the "Y" or "T" strainer of your choice under our roof! Your business is sure to benefit

from our products.

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