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Make Liquids Flow Smoothly in Your Pipes

Fittings create elbows in the pipeline in places where there isn't one. This allows for a faster and smoother flow of oil and other liquids in your industry. Buy your fitting from Hi-Teck Valve today!

Flanges are hard metal washers that are inserted between gaskets or rubber matting surfaces. It provides additional strength and support to the pipes.


Get a flange for your piping system from us! Let us help you find the one that suits your needs. We have a variety of different types you can choose from.

Find the perfect flange for your pipes

 Carbon Steel Butt-Weld Fitting

Forged Carbon Steel Flanges

 Socket Weld and Threaded


You'll find exactly what you need in our Houston store at 13211 G Windfern Road.

Versatile products for your industry

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fitting today!


Change the direction of your pipes with a fitting or enhance the strength of your pipes

with a flange.

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