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Clean pipes

Keep Your Oil Free of Debris and Particles

Oil that's retrieved from the ground is filled with dirt and debris. The strainers from Hi-Teck Valve work perfectly as a filter to strain debris out of natural oil.

  • Y Strainers

  • Basket Strainers

  • Duplex Strainers

  • Straining Elements

  • Temporary Strainers

  • Suction Diffusers

  • Pump Products


Pick from a Variety of Products

Using one of our filters offers another advantage. The clean oil that is strained can then flow through the pipes, thereby even keeping your pipelines clean.


So the next time you're in the market for strainers, remember to call  832-237-2787.

Clean oil leads to clean pipes

Need a strainer? Give us a call!


We're the number 1 distributors for Titan Strainers and sell over $5 million worth of strainers.

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